What We Do

At app-raiser we only have one objective. To create the best possible App for your business. It must be attractive, informative, fun and easy to use.

To achieve this, we do go through a set of procedures to ensure that you get exactly what fits your business.


The first step is to have relevant discussions with you to be able to analyse how your business works and what it does – details of the products and services that you offer.

We will also check your current assets – by this we mean:

  • is there an existing website for the company?
  • what do you list on your website ads?
  • what social media accounts do you currently have?
  • do you have a fan page?
  • what content is on the website?
  • what other forms of advertising do you currently utilise?
  • are there any reports of increased business achieved due to specific modes of advertising done?
  • what new features would you like to see on your App?
  • and much more….

When a thorough analysis is finished, we will get a more complete picture of the business and it also gives us a great starting point for building your draft app.

App Features

Now we will translate your business into App features. The question that we always ask ourselves is: What service features can we add into the mobile App that will be good for your company’s business?

We are able to incorporate a number of features into your App. All designed to give the best results possible. They range from a simple static page, which we use to create content, right up to a loyalty card feature, a well-proven way to increase business.

For example, one amazing major feature is Push Notifications.

Push notifications will give you instant communication with anyone who has installed your App on their phone. This is done via a white label push notifications area that we will create for you. You will be able to log in and send direct notices to your customers.

Maybe you want to inform your customers about a new product or service that you have added. Or maybe you wish to inform them of a ‘limited time special offer’.

With push notifications you can update your customers instantly with quite literally a push of a button. When your customer clicks on the notification, they are navigated to wherever you want their attention to be drawn to.  It’s a fantastic way to communicate with customers.

See a full list of the features here.

Draft App

Once the analysis has been done, we will be able to create your App.  At this stage we will be able to start fine tuning the App according to your preferences.


When you are fully satisfied with your App, we will publish and submit it to the app stores for you: the Google play store, the Amazon app store, the Apple app store.

Afterwards, we will be happy to handle future updates and changes to your App.